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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm a mom!

It is still sinking in that, yes, I am a mom and I have a son. I will always be a mom and nothing or no one can change that.
Jacob and I are starting to work out a schedule. He likes to stay awake with little 20 minute cat-naps in the morning and then long 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon. At night he is sleeping 3-4 hours between feedings. I am okay with that for now but I will not lie I am looking forward to when he sleeps through the night.
We had our first doctors appointment on Wed. Jacob checked out perfectly and the doctor was pleased with his progress. We were so happy with the good news that we decided we should visit the doctor again the next day. Actually, the reason was a paranoid mom. Jacob had vomited Wed. evening and then again early Thurs. morning. The doctor said acid reflux and keep him upright for 30-40 minutes after every feeding. He spent a 20 minutes with the three of us mostly calming me down, setting my mind at easy and making me feel that this emergency trip to the doctors office was justified. I decided on the way home we were not going to set foot in there on Friday. I like our pediatrician and don't want him to take out a restraining order against us.
So what makes for a good day for you? Here in our house it is when Jacob, mommy and daddy don't require a mid-day change of clothes because someone (Jacob) has either peed or vomited all over himself or one of us. Oh, the little things.


kayla said...

Trust me he is the best baby ever.Did i say ever?Well good thing because thats the truth.

12/29/2005 12:11 PM  

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