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Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's Almost Here

Lots of things are quickly approaching and two of my favorites are almost here. The first is Christmas, well the entire holiday season, and the second, while still new, is Jacob's birthday.
What an amazing time of year. I feel like a little kid again. I am excited for the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Christmas music (already been playing for the past month) and Christmas presents. But the reason for all my excitement has changed from years past. This year I get to see it from a one-year old's perspective. The Christmas tree, although gated and off limits to baby hands, Jacob's eyes will be filled with wonder, amazement and a little confusion. Christmas lights... Jacob's fascination with "ights" will be entertainment for him as we drive around town. Christmas music is the best! Enough said. And finally, Christmas presents. I have never been more excited to give a present to someone and watch him rip the paper off as I am this year. Last year, Jacob laid in his bouncy seat and slept most of the time. This year he will crawl all over them, rip the paper, eat the paper and then play with the box. Oh well, eventually he will play with the toys, right?
Well, I wish you all a wonderful, happy and joyous Christmas season from our family to yours. Take time to enjoy the season with family and friends and don't forget the real reason for this blessed season-Jesus.


Stephanie said...

Want to knwo something funny? We have the same name - Stephanie Van Dyk! And guess what? This post was posted on my birthday! I dunno, but I think that's pretty nifty!


12/08/2006 6:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

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