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Friday, October 12, 2007

WHOA! It's Been A LONG Time.

Sorry. It's been way to long and a lot has happened. For starters we've moved...again...and hopefully we will stay put for longer than 3 years. We packed up our stuff (donated a lot too) in Grand Rapids and moved to Kalamazoo. It has been nice being closer to my parents and in a city I already know my way around.
We installed a new tv in our family room. For those of you who read Matt's blog "home theater project", and are wondering, Matt and I are still talking. I got to be quite tense a few times but an accomplishment, nevertheless.
Jacob is still an only child--no new news on that front.
He is quickly becoming a 2 year old and making sure everyone knows it. He is not as easy to distract, quiet, or subdue in the grocery store, Target, the playground, in the car, in the stoller, well, you get the point. One place he LOVES to go is our Kindermusik class. Once a week, we go sing songs, play instruments, and dance around. At first, Jacob was nervous and shy and cried the whole time but now he looks forward to going. What a relief.
So in a nutshell, that is what has been going on.


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