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  Steph's Weblog: September 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Baby Shower

I had my first baby shower yesterday. It was a wonderful day. My aunt, cousin and mother did a beautiful job with the decorations (clothesline theme) and food (and Costco did a great job with the cake). It was very nice to see some old friends and family again. Unfortunately there were a few who were unable to make it and they were missed. Matt, Gracob and I feel very blessed. Thank you.

It was a little overwhelming bringing everything home and putting it into the nursery. It made me realize how quickly the time has gone by and how much "nesting" I have to do.

I will have Matt add some pictures from the shower to this post for those of you who are interested. He won't mind, he will do whatever to get me to write more often.

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