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  Steph's Weblog: March 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

it's a small world...

Ha, you are singing it, too. We just returned from a short but wonderful vacation at Walt Disney World and I will have Matt post the pictures on the website soon.
Matt was fortunate to have to go to a conference for work over the weekend and it was held at Disney. So Jacob and I decided to make the trip as well.
Jacob loved playing in the pool, swimming and quacking with the ducks and riding some of the rides. He hated the heat and waiting in line but daddy's slurpy made it all better. We spent one day in Magic Kingdom and we all highly recommend making the trip. Watching Jacob's face filled with awe and wonder as we made our way through Small World, his curiousity with making Dumbo fly up and down, and his lack of shyness around Donald Duck and Mickey were all priceless from a parents perspective. I can't wait to go again.